What do you mean by delayed drive or reverse?

 Are you taking longer time than usual to get your car moving during a gear change? Or has your car lost its original smoothness while engaging reverse? If you are facing any of these problems while driving your car then you are probably in for some automatic transmission problems. Understanding these problems may seem to be an extremely complex procedure at first. But all you need to do is give a little bit of effort to understand the amazing mechanics of your car. And that’s not a difficult task to accomplish for a car lover!

It’s very simple to grasp actually. You’ve got yourself a car that doesn’t give you the headache of manually changing gears all the time. You can smoothly run your car, changing your speed, and leave the rest to the computerized transmission system inside your car. But even if the transmission system is automatic, you need to take a good look at your engine and the transmission system regularly to avoid any Delayed Drive or Reverse.

Let’s take a look at what are the driving factors behind ensuring a smooth and delay free drive to you:
·    You may experience delays on reversing your car or shifting gears when the transmission fluid level has dropped down below the minimum level. The transmission fluid is an important component of your car and it’s essential that you check the level at regular intervals so that the automatic transmission system of your car gets the life blood it requires to run smoothly.
·    A Delayed Drive or Reverse gear shifting problems, can also be the result of leakage of transmission fluid that can take place at speed sensor mounting point, transmission’s drain hole, selector shaft, radiator, filler tube base or even due to a clogged transmission filter.
At times, you may even notice that with Delayed Drive or Reverse, your car suddenly jumps out of gear while moving. This is an extreme condition of automatic transmission problems that will finally prevent your car from shifting gears at all. It may also happen like this that while you place your car in the Drive mode it may end up hitting people from behind and while it’s on a Reverse mode, it moves towards the front. Or even worse, due to the delay in drive, car parking maybe more difficult that you’d have imagined and if you’re not so lucky you might slam into people even after pressing the brakes.
A Delayed Drive or Reverse can really be a nightmarish experience if not dealt with, on an urgent basis.
So, if you want to enjoy a delay and tension free driving experience with your car, then take it to certified mechanic now and get your car back in it’s active form again!