What do you mean by delayed drive or reverse?

Does it take longer than it should for your vehicle to switch from park to drive or reverse? Is there no longer a smooth transition into reverse? If you answered yes, it is more than likely that your vehicle is having transmission problems.

What are some factors that can cause your vehicle to have a delayed drive or reverse?
If your vehicle’s transmission has a leak, it can lead to a lot of different issues, one being a delay in drive and/or reverse. Some common places to have transmission fluid leakage are at the speed sensor mounting point, transmission drain hole, selector shaft, radiator, filler tube base or even due to a clogged transmission filter.

Your may even notice that with a delayed drive or reverse that your vehicle suddenly jumps out of gear while moving. If this happens it is very important that you get to a repair facility immediately. If you place your vehicle in drive and it moves backwards instead of forwards, or if you put it in reverse and it moves forward, it is also time to seek out a repair facility immediately