Is there a burning smell coming from your car?

Do you smell something burning? Well, it maybe the heart of your beloved car because it’s been a long time since you’ve done a check on the condition of transmission fluid. So, don’t wait too long otherwise you might just end up with a car breakdown at the middle of nowhere!

Identify the deviations – Check for Burning Smell
Simply let the fluid dipstick drip a few drops of oils on a white sheet of paper after you’ve checked the fluid level. If you see that the color of the fluid has become blackish and you’re also getting a Burning Smell from it, then you can be sure that you’ve got the warning signal. And once, you have this signal then you should immediately look for a car service station that can take the responsibility of your most beloved possession. But remember, you can only follow the above mentioned procedure when your car engine has been switched off and has been given enough time to cool down.

Usually such Burning Smell is a sign that the automatic transmission system of your car has got overheated and needs a little bit of pampering in order to cool down! Or, there can be another possibility that is transmission fluid leakage on the exhaust. In such a situation, you need to stop the leakage to prevent the Burning Smell. And to both these problems there’s only one simple solution – transmission repair.

A change in the color and a Burning Smell in the transmission fluid may also be the only sign that your car will show before it goes in for a complete transmission breakdown.
2 Important Tips that you may want to keep in mind to prevent an overheating of your transmission system:

· Ensure that you change your ATF and filter on a regular basis.
· And, to increase the life of your transmission fluid you can also install a supporting ATF cooler, of course, only after consulting an expert.

So, keep your car cool, save your maintenance cost by preventing your car from getting overheated, and see it running in a perfect condition for a long time.